Thursday, 23 January 2014


(or... Every day and Pop Culture 'sticks it to the man'. or not)

 I am pleased with how our presentation went. It almost came out of a burst of stereotypical art school 'fuck the system we ain't gonna give them what they want' sort of rebellion. We, as a group, felt that there was perhaps too strong a corporate element in the nature of the presentation of the tate due to the link with BP and the emphasis that our ideas were 'fresh' and 'exciting'. We decided to reverse the expectation and create something more banale and empty, much like a corporate presentation full of graphs and slides and monotone voice. We delivered it in a dull manner with The Vision One Gallery Theme playing in the background so emphasise the empty thinking space.

I think what we achieved was beyond what we had planned, I was initially worried about it being funny incase it was a bit of a one liner, or a way around it not being about a anything else but I think it brought attention to the mundanity of the corporate life. It satirised enough but far enough from the subject it wasn't insulting but perhaps turned a mirror.

As for the day itself, I really enjoyed the other presentations, particularly those from Chelsea, but was dissappointed as the first four groups (ours included) didn't have our presentations discussed, even though we had thought that the tate staff were going to in turn discuss ours.

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